Learning Calligraphy 101

If it weren’t for the wedding, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash on calligraphy. Since young, I was always teased having an awful handwriting by friends. So I didn’t venture into artsy stuff. Yes, I believe that one must be artistic to be able to flourish in this field. (I think…)

However, while we were looking for invitation suppliers, I fell in love with one celebrity’s invitation. Their invitation lay-out gives off a sophisticated but freshness feel – which is exactly what I’m looking for. Hence, I immediately looked for the supplier who made the invites and followed their account in Instagram.

While browsing, I was inspired by their works. I wanted it so bad and at the same time, I wanted to learn how to do that twirls, swirls, and cutesy handwriting. It was fate when someone from Instagram posted a Calligraphy 101 Class in Makati. Despite, having no experience and having an “awful” handwriting, I registered for Php 2,450 fee.

The class was held in Restock, Guijo, Makati. The place was definitely convenient for me since I just live in San Antonio Village.

Inside Restock
Inside Restock

For someone who lives in Makati, I was surprised to know that a cafe exist in the midst of a quiet village. Again, it was like fate since we were really looking for a place wherein we could do our prenuptial photo and video shoot. Though, this would be for another story 🙂

Includes 2 nibs, 1 holder, 1 walnut ink in black, 2 notebooks, clips, and strings.
Includes 2 nibs, 1 holder, 1 walnut ink in black, 2 notebooks, clips, and strings.

The calligraphy class was organised by Aj of Sunday Paper in collaboration with Kat Santos known as @thepapercat. We were given a calligraphy set that includes basic materials for the workshop.

Handouts and Drill Papers
Handouts and Drill Papers
Pizza & Coffee while doing drills.
Pizza & Coffee while doing drills.

Ms. Kat introduced us to the basics of calligraphy, the right hand positions, the materials needed, and others. But we were more excited with doing the actual drills. It was really helpful for me since Ms. Kat was able to teach me the right hand position. Honestly, it was difficult for me at first. But I was encouraged by Ms. Kat to continue practicing even after the class.

In summary, the experience was worth it. The experience was completely different as compared when you do self-study.

The #Bridetobe with Aj and Kat
(From L-R) The #Bridetobe, Kat, and Aj

For those aspiring to learn calligraphy, you really should join these workshops. It really helps. Believe me.

You may want to follow their social media accounts to get updated regarding their workshop schedules.

Let me share with you what I have done so far since the class ended. These are still far from perfect. So bear with me. 😛


 More photos are posted in my Instagram account.

Wishful Thinking: 

Hmm…Perhaps, we could organise the same class in Nueva Ecija (probably in Cabanatuan City). Contact me and perhaps we could talk about organising a calligraphy class in our hometown! I would love to meet you! 

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