Sweet Treats in Cabanatuan City: Part 1

Last week, we had an emergency at home so I decided to take a week-long holiday in my hometown. So while I’m staying in Nueva Ecija, my cravings for sweets became too apparent to the point that I was imagining/dreaming of eating a luscious red velvet cake or cupcake partnered with my favorite tea. (Btw, red velvet is my favourite followed by matcha/green tea. Just so you know.  😛 ) For someone who’s trying to be fit before the prenup and the wedding, I have the extreme case of what I call the “sweet-tooth disease”. Lol. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures (Obert Skye)

Desperately, I decided to post online that I’ll be hunting for desserts inCabanatuan City.

Friends to the rescue!
Friends to the rescue!

For someone who hasn’t been at home often, I’m not really familiar with the newest craze in the province. Thus, I want to thank God for friends who were kind enough to accompany me during those “days”.

Lo and behold, there are various establishments to choose from if you want to satisfy your sweets-cravings in Cabanatuan City.

So here are my recommended stores you could visit just in case you are suddenly attacked by the “sweet-tooth disease”:

1. Edna’s Cakeland 

Photo grabbed from Edna's Cakeland FB page
Photo grabbed from Edna’s Cakeland FB page

Of course, if you’re from Nueva Ecija, it’s a sin if you’re not familiar with Edna’s Cakeland. As far as I can remember, it has been existing for quiet a long time. I think it started when I was still in primary school. Yes. That long. (Hello? I’m 28 y.o already?!) I even remembered my mom bringing home “cheese rolls” and “oatmeal cookies” from Cakeland.

Also, let me tell you a not-so-secret. When I was in High School, I met and became friends with Tita Edna’s (the owner) only daughter, so it was inevitable that we used to hang out during lunch or even after school at their place. (Oh Lord…those were the “days”..)

So, when I got to visit the store again after a long while, I was impressed by the changes inside their store as well as their product lines that varies from pastries, pastas, and others.

IMG_0747 IMG_0738

IMG_0749 IMG_0750

However, since I was in “desserts-hunting” mode, my eyes automatically zoomed in on their red velvet cupcakes/cakes. My inner self was squealing in delight!

Can you spot the Red Velvet Cupcakes? :)
Can you spot the Red Velvet Cupcakes? 🙂

Their version of red velvet cupcake was really good that I bought a take-out with the (sort-of) excuse of giving it to my Mom and Tita. IMG_0745

Their version was not too sweet hence, you get to taste/appreciate the cream cheese on top of it – which is what I like the most. Their 4 pcs. red velvet cupcakes cost Php 200 (Php 50/each).

Edna’s Cakeland-Main Branch is located at Kapitan Pepe Subdivision, Cabanatuan City. Their other branch is located within SM Megacenter, Cabanatuan City. Like or follow their page in Facebook for more information or updates.

2. Bakerstreet Cafe

Photo Grabbed from Bakerstreet FB Page
Photo grabbed from Bakerstreet FB page

Amazingly, this newly opened cafe is owned by (also) a former High School schoolmate. Since we were “friends” through Facebook, I always see her photos which consists of their dessert products. I got curious so I decided to visit her cafe.

The inside of the cafe gives off a comfy feel that makes you want to study while drinking coffee or just hang-out with friends while eating or drinking their favorite milk teas.

IMG_0636 IMG_0646

Bakerstreet Cafe offers  a product line up that includes cupcakes varieties as well as their famed waffles. Product prices ranges from Php 35 to Php 120 only.

Their Menu Checklist.
Bakerstreet’s Menu Checklist. Prices included.

My curiosity and cravings were satisfied when my friend and I ordered each of every cupcake flavour (which includes red velvet flavour) they had plus the nuttela waffle.IMG_0638

Red Velvet, Blueberry Choco, Choco Toblerone, Nutty Salted Caramel, & Nuttela Waffle
Red Velvet, Blueberry Choco, Choco Toblerone, Nutty Salted Caramel, & Nuttela Waffle

To visit, Bakerstreet Cafe is located directly in front of Good Samaritan Hospital, Burgos Avenue, Cabanatuan City. Like or follow their page in Facebook for more information or updates.

3. N.Y.Or.K (Not Your Ordinary Koffee) 

Photo grabbed from NYOrK  FB page
Photo grabbed from NYOrK FB page

This cafe has been our favourite “tambayan” since I started my desserts-hunting adventures in Cabanatuan.


The place is perfectly located in the not-so-crowded and quiet part of Kapitan Pepe Subdivision. For me, it is the perfect place to stop before going home because of its accessibility to the famed Vergara H-way that basically makes you avoid the traffic in the main road.

They even have a 2nd Flr. which allows you to see the greenery and not so crowded part of Kapitan Pepe Subdivision. :)
They even have a 2nd flr. that gives you a view of the subdivision.

The ambiance inside of N.Y.Or.K gives off the same feeling I get whenever I visit  Starbuck’s and Coffee Bean. Yes. That feeling.

If only I brought my laptop, I could have work on my blog while sipping my favourite brewed tea.


Personally, I like eating sweets while drinking brewed tea (Not a fan of milk tea.. Sorry milk tea lovers..) I even prefer brewed tea without putting sugar or honey on it. Hence, when I saw their menu, I was happy to see that they offer brewed tea.


It even got better when I get to choose what brand of tea I like. (Mind you,it’s not your usual tea)

On our first visit, my friend and I decided to order their Club House Sandwich which basically good for 2 people (I think..) and end it with their Blueberry Cheesecake. Btw, despite not having my favourite red velvet, I enjoyed their blueberry cheesecake. A lot.


IMG_0697                 IMG_0701

On our second visit, we were surprised that they have more dessert varieties. So being “takaw-mata” as dubbed by my fiancé, we decided to try their Apple Tarte, Soft Cinnamon Roll, and Floss partnered by (again) brewed tea. My friend got to try their own tea concoction. According to my friend, it tastes sweet.


On our last day in Nueva Ecija, I was finally able to bring my fiancé in there.

Yours Truly. Drinking Blueberry Lemonade Juice
Yours Truly. Drinking Blueberry Lemonade Juice

We only got to try their blueberry lemonade juice because we’re both full since we came from a private desserts-tasting – which I will discuss later on.

I’m not a fan of lemonade, but I’ll make an exception for this one.

N.Y.Or.K is located at Kapitan Pepe Subdivision (near the new City Hall), Cabanatuan City. Their other branch is located within NE Pacific Mall, Cabanatuan City. Like or follow their page in Facebook or Instagram for more information or updates.

4. Caffe La Tea

Photo grabbed from Cafe La Tea's FB page
Photo grabbed from Cafe La Tea’s FB page

It was just an accident when I stumbled upon this cafe within NE Pacific Mall. I just accompanied my mom on her client visit. So while waiting, I have searched for a place wherein I could hang-out and probably eat. I actually heard this cafe before from friends and my cousins but I never got the chance to try it. I believe we actually have our own branch in Gapan.

IMG_0709 IMG_0710

Spot the Red Velvet Cupcakes! :P
Spot the Red Velvet Cupcakes! 😛

Anyways, upon knowing that my mom will take time talking to her client, I decided to order something for both of us to eat. I ordered tuna sandwich for my mom and ordered Matcha and Red Velvet Cupcakes plus brewed Oolong Tea. Did you know that Oolong Tea is my favourite kind of tea flavour? So imagine my surprise when they serve that. IMG_0714

My mom and I are both tea drinkers so we were able to enjoy their to-share brewed tea for Php 79 per pot. My mom, according to her, likes Caffe La Tea’s Matcha Cupcake. Me too. IMG_0711

To visit, Caffe La Tea have several branches. The one I visited can be found in NE Pacific Mall besides Gloria Jean’s Cafe, Cabanatuan City. Like or follow their page in FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more information or updates.

Overall, the experience was fun. I was able to meet new people, spend time with friends, visit new stores, and most of all, I got an invite to a private desserts-tasting.IMG_0846

This one will be in a separate blog I will be releasing soon. Another store dedicated for desserts will be re-opening soon armed with new product line in Cabanatuan City. So watch out! 🙂


How about you? Have you tried visiting these places? Any other places you might recommend for me to try in Nueva Ecija? or food to try? Please share! I would love to hear from you! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Sweet Treats in Cabanatuan City: Part 1

    1. Hi! Thank you also for reading and supporting this “baby” blog. I really wanted talaga to highlight Nueva Ecija and probably the whole Central Luzon if given the chance. lol. 🙂 i wanted to give fellow Novo Ecijanos the feeling/idea na we have our own local versions of everything that we thought can be found in the big the city.

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  1. Hi Ma’am Ayie Federizo.. Thank you so much for this blog about Sweet Treats in Cabanatuan City and for recommending Edna’s Cakeland, We are so happy that you liked the red velvet cupcakes. it’s one of our bestsellers…. hope we can meet when you come back home in Cabanatuan.. have a sweet Sunday!


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