Date Night: Siam Aroi Thai Restaurant in Makati

A few days ago, my fiancé sent a blog/link regarding a newly discovered Thai Restaurant along Jupiter Avenue in Makati. Of course, upon reading the words “authentic and  “Thai Food”, I got excited and immediately planned on visiting the place soon (and when I say soon, it means the very next 😛 ). 

IMG_1225Finding the restaurant might be difficult at first if you’re not familiar with the places in Jupiter Ave. For those who haven’t been to Siam Aroi, it is located beside Tipsy Bean and Red Ribbon. Don’t worry, they have parking spaces available though I’m not so sure how it is on regular weekdays.

Upon entering the restaurant, you get to feel that you’re in a completely different place (No kidding). You’ll see lots of authentic Thai products from beers to snacks. Even the background music playing was Thai.


To complete the Thai experience, you will be gladly assisted by Thai nationals – who we believed were siblings (I was too shy to ask for more information so we assumed they were 😁 )

While waiting for the food, you get to observe their chef’s cooking prowess through their kitchen window. Btw, their chef/cook is also a Thai. Amazing right?


Anyways, here’s the most important part of the experience – our favourite Thai dishes.  

IMG_1210         IMG_1199

1. Chicken Green Curry with Eggplant – Moderately spicy but tolerable (for us..). Definitely a must-try dish! Price: Php 240.


2. Their version of “Bagoong Rice” – You can choose the level of spiciness since the ingredients are separated when served. Also a must-try 🙂 Price: Php 270


3. Thai Spring Roll – I swear, their version of spring roll is different from what I have tasted before in other Thai Restos. Don’t miss it when you visit their place. Price: Php 170


4. Pad Thai – One of the best Pad Thai I have tasted. I think my mom will like this too (it’s the only Thai Food she can eat. Lol 😛 ). Price: Php 220.


5. Thai Milk Tea – The only MILK tea I can tolerate drinking 😛 This can help in reducing the spicy aftertaste of the dishes.  Price: Php 139


If you are like us, who love to share food (despite single servings), then I guess, single serving will be enough for you. Though, don’t worry because they also serve dishes good for more than 2 people.

HIS FEEDBACK:  It’s his newest favourite Thai Resto.

HER FEEDBACK: The prices are reasonable given the taste, the experience, and the authenticity of the dishes. 🙂

My fiancé and I love discovering new stores or restaurants. It’s our sort-of bonding as a couple, hence, we would love to hear your suggestions on places we could visit  🙂 

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