A Bride-To-Be’s “Hair Journey”

I was browsing through my Facebook page the other day and I can’t help but snigger and roll my eyes while looking at my old photos – specifically my hair. You see, I was born with naturally thick and curly hair. For me, it was a blessing and a curse at the same time (I blame my dad’s genes for this..lol 😛 ). Everyday, I wake up having the most ridiculous “bed hair” to the point of being called “bruha” by my housemates. I also remember the pain of not being able to change hair styles at whim because my hair will look horrendous if I make it very short or tying my hair every time because that’s the only way for me to tame my wild hair (Can you feel my pain? It was hard..really hard…) 

Let’s face it, during my high school days the “in thing” was having the silkiest and straightest hair. I remember using the famed “Hair Doctor” comb believing that the rotating bristles will transform my hair. I also tried using hair iron but it made my hair look dull and dry. To give you an idea of how unmanageable my hair could get, I’ll share with you some of my photos from high school.

Well, hello puberty! (urgh..how embarrassing...)
Well, hello puberty! (urgh..how embarrassing…)

I really have no idea why my mom liked to cut my hair short despite her knowing its repercussions. When I asked her, she just says, “because it’s cute!” (Huh? *Face Palm*)


Due to this, I’ve tried every hair treatment available at that time. At the age of 17, my hair got to taste its first hair rebond treatment (I was desperate, you know).  Unfotunately, I got to taste my first ever hair massacre after a hair stylist from a certain salon (which I don’t want to mention) had mistakenly put something on my hair without even asking the history of it. That mistake resulted to massive hair fall and dryness. I remember putting coconut oil all over my hair making me smell like our famous “puto”  for a week. It was a nightmare and it left me traumatised for months!

Moving forward, fate seems to be kind to me and I was able to meet my destined “one”. From then on, my life became easier. My hair is still naturally curly and thick but now, it’s manageable. 🙂

Here are my top 3 not-so secrets in pampering my “crown and glory”:

1. “The One”

I met my destined “hair stylist” few years after that salon mishap. A friend of mine was able to convince me to cut my hair short. I was hesitant at first because my hair was not really suited for short styles. However, when I met him, he was able to assess that it can be done. From then on, I was able to change/play with different hair styles and hair colors whenever I want.

Bob cut! 😛
It's the
It’s the “bangs”. Photo taken few years back with my fiancé during a company party.
When Ombre became the
When Ombre became the “craze”.

The genius behind the miracle and the only one who can tame my hair is Mr. Ron Galvez. I have been his client for 6 years and I haven’t change hair stylist since then (I go wherever he goes. Lol.)

IMG_1076 He will frankly tell you what’s good and what’s not for your hair – which is good since I have this perception that most hair stylists will just offer you products/treatments without second thoughts as long as they can get profit out of it.

If you want to feel the magic, Ron currently works for Kérastase Institute by Salon ESA at 6750 Bldg. Ayala Avenue, Makati City. You may contact him at +639175409883. 

2.  “The Haven” 

FullSizeRender 14
Photo Grabbed from Salon ESA Website

This is where the magic happens. I really have to thank Ron for introducing me to Kérastase Institute by Salon ESA.  The salon gives you a different hair treatment experience by using exclusive products and state-of-the-art equipment that you can’t find in any other salon. Hence, you don’t have to worry about hair troubles (It was actually my first time to hear “caviar” as part of the treatment.. Amazing right? 😉)

Where they asses your hair :)
Where they evaluate your hair 🙂
Btw, those are remote-controlled seats. Cool right? :P
Btw, those are remote-controlled seats. Cool right?

The salon has separate rooms for hair treatments and hair auxiliary services (e.g. hair cuts and others). Hence, you get to relax and enjoy your hair spa treatment 🙂 (Actually, it gave me an idea for an unconventional “bachelorette’s party”. What do you think? )

You'll be asked to changed your clothes in to robes. Definitely a Spa-vibe!
You’ll be asked to changed your clothes in to robes. Definitely a Spa-vibe!

Kérastase Institute by Salon ESA is located at 6750 Bldg. Ayala Avenue, Makati City. To know more of their offered services and rates, you can visit www.salonesa.ph 

3.  “The Life-Saver” 

FullSizeRender 13
Photo grabbed from Blo Bar Website

This “life-saver” literally rescues you from emergency hair situations such as important meetings or other events wherein you want your hair to look instantly perfect. Blow Bar Salon will offer you hair drying services that will save you all the hassle of doing it by yourself. Believe me, I’ve tried doing it but my hair still ended up messy.


Blow Bar's Hair Menu
Blow Bar’s Hair Menu

I usually request for Blo Out Service particularly the Pillow Talk. Don’t worry, the stylist will show you sample photos of hair styles to choose from. Blo Out services will only take 30-45 minutes. So you can be on your appointment on time. 🙂IMG_1305

Blo Bar has several branches in Metro Manila though the nearest in Makati can be found in P1 Level, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City. You may visit their website at www.blomedry.com for more information.

Hey Ladies,

Any recommended products/salons/techniques that you think I could try? I would gladly appreciate your help! 🙂


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