That Perfect “Afternoon Date”

What could be more perfect than spending your day with your “special someone” while eating your favourite sweets and drinking tea/coffee?   Join us, as we present to you our recommended places where you could spend your “quality time” together ♥

Our definition of a perfect “afternoon date” consists of hanging out in a café or tea shop around Makati on weekends (because the city is surprisingly quiet on weekends – except for malls), drinking our favourites (tea for me while coffee for him), having random conversations (yes. we never grow tired from exchanging harmless banter 😛 ), and eating our (my) choice of sweets. Sometimes, my fiancé would bring a good book while I do something in my laptop.

Without further ado, here are the list of stores we have tried as of late for our “afternoon dates”. All of these stores somehow differ on their specialty products, their price range, location, and ambiance. Of course, “experience” is relative, hence, we encourage you to experience them for yourselves  (it won’t hurt to try..swear).

So here goes:

Craving for Cupcakes? These two stores will satisfy you and your “date’s” sweet cravings. ♥

  1. Cupcakes by Sonja

Whenever my fiancé and I go to Glorietta or SM Megamall, we always end up in Cupcakes by Sonja’s booth. It’s either I order something for take-out or we both stay there for coffee/tea eating their famous cupcakes. Their location is ideal for people who like to stroll around the mall.

Fact: Cupcakes by Sonja is where I got to taste my first ever Red Velvet Cupcake as well as my first ever Sugar-Free variety of it 🙂
Cupcakes by Sonja in SM Megamall
Cupcakes by Sonja in SM Megamall

However, expect the place to be a little bit crowded since it is not an enclosed establishment (sort of pop-up store). Nevertheless, if you’re tired from walking all day with your “date” and wish to rest for a while, Cupcakes by Sonja’s store can be a perfect location for sweets and coffee/tea.

Cupcakes By Sonja has several branches in Metro Manila. I believe that its first branch was located in Serendra, The Fort. But for someone living in Makati, it is more convenient to visit their Glorietta and Rockwell branches.

From L to R: Cupparons, Pistachio Berries n’ Cream Cupcake (Php 135) , English Breakfast Tea (estimated around Php 100 or less)


Cupcakes by Sonja’s newest babies are the cutie cupparons. Cupparons are bite-sized cupcakes and macarons combined (Genius right? 🙂 ). They have different flavours and can be bought as a set of 3 for P140.

For more information/details, you may like or follow Cupcakes By Sonja through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

2. J. Cuppacakes

The store layout literally screams “cute” 🙂

When I was still doing my thesis in graduate school, I always see this store from Coffee Bean. That’s why when my fiancé decided to come with me during my grocery shopping, we decided to hang out first in J. Cuppacakes store located at SM Jazz Condominium in Makati.

IMG_1593 IMG_1594

J Cuppacakes offers products that will satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings and at the same time offer you sanctuary for relaxation. IMG_1609

During our visit, we’ve tried their versions of red vevet and matcha cupcakes (Php 75 each), their bestseller cake (Php 180), and brewed cinnamon tea (Php 65). Our personal favourite is the Strawberry Pavlova Cake. It is a merengue cake with marshmallows, strawberries, and pistachios (urgh, i’m drooling right now.. )

IMG_1605 IMG_1604

The bestseller Strawberry Pavlova at Php 180
Strawberry Pavlova Cake is heaven 🙂

For more information/details, you may visit their website or you may follow or like J. Cuppacakes through Facebook and Instagram.

How about trying those sinfully Japanese-inspired desserts for you and your “date”? ♥

3. Café Shibuya

FullSizeRender 19

While my fiancé was pondering which toy cellphone to buy, we accidentally passed by Café Shibuya in Glorietta. It’s a sort of pop-up store just like Cupcakes by Sonja. Though I believe they have a full-restaurant type in UP Town Center in Quezon City.

FullSizeRender 20

So while waiting for my fiancé’s decision, we decided to stay in Café Shibuya. The name “Shibuya” already implies that they serve Japanese-type food products. Hence, I was expecting products with “matcha flavours”. But what caught my attention was their famed thick dessert toasts.

Clockwise: Pistachio Lava Cake (Php 165), Brewed Green Tea (Php 65), Strawberry Matcha Toast (Php 195), & Matcha Latte (Php 135)
Clockwise: Pistachio Lava Cake (Php 165), Brewed Green Tea (Php 65), Strawberry Matcha Toast (Php 195), & Matcha Latte (Php 135)
Look at that oozing lava cake!
Honey Toast topped with strawberry bits and matcha ice cream. My personal favorite! 🙂

For more information/details, you may follow or like Café Shibuya through FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

4. St. Marc Café

Again, St. Marc Café offers Japanese-type of products that ranges from pastries, sweets, and pastas. My favourite is their Chococro Marble – an updated version of croissant.

Priced at Php 60 each + English Breakfast Tea at Php 100


Actually, I’m not a fan of croissants since I find them messy and too plain to eat. Though St. Marc Cafe’s version is exceptional.Why? Because when you take a bite, you taste the “matcha” and white chocolate fillings inside. Cool right? 🙂

Also, I was able to taste their Classic Fuji with an added scoop of matcha ice cream (I feel “kulang” if there’s no matcha in every Japanese dish.Lol 😛 )

Classic Fuji at Php 230 + Matcha Ice Cream at Php 12
Classic Fuji at Php 230 + Matcha Ice Cream at Php 12
Inside the café :)
Inside the café 🙂

The place is ideal for people who want the same ambiance you get from Starbucks or Coffee Bean. You can even bring laptops or gadgets since the cafe has available power sockets for charging purposes.

For more information/details, you may follow or like St. Marc Café through Facebook and Instagram.

Imagine yourself seating in one of Paris’ cafés, drinking tea, and having an intimate conversation with your “special someone”. These two stores will take you there instantly. ♥

5. Bizu Patisserie

Last week, I was so bored at home and decided to look for a place where I could do my blog. I was looking for an inspiration because I’m having what you call “writer’s block”. I was supposed to go to Coffee Bean but then I passed by Bizu. At that moment, I realised I want something “light” for a meal and tea to go with it (actually, the deciding factor was the displayed macarons.Lol :P). Also, the place was not so crowded making it comfortable to work.

IMG_1656So while browsing their menu, I discovered that they serve “Afternoon Tea Set” . Since, I’m fond of tea and sweets (and i think it’s more practical), I decided to get the set instead. The set is good for sharing so I believe the serving will be perfect for “afternoon dates” ♥

Take note that the word “afternoon” implies that this tea set will be served in a specific time only. Though, you can also choose their ala carte servings.

For Php 775 you get to enjoy all of these with your choice of loose leaf tea :)
For Php 775 you get to enjoy all of these with your choice of loose leaf tea 🙂


Bizu has several branches in Metro Manila. The one I visited was located at Greenbelt 2 in Makati. I was informed by my friend from grad school, who also works for Bizu, that the place will undergo major renovation soon probably to align the layout of the store to its other branches (Good news for Bizu lovers 😛 )

For more information/details, you may visit their website or you may follow Bizu through FacebookInstagram and Twitter. 

6. TWG Tea

IMG_0051For me, the word “refined” can best describe TWG Tea Boutique. Once you enter the place, you get to hear French songs playing in the background that makes the ambiance more relaxing.

Photo grabbed from my mom's FB page. :)
Photo grabbed from my mom’s FB page. The mother-daughter bonding 🙂

It’s not my first time to try TWG. The first time was with my mom when we were both looking for a place where we could eat something “light” while drinking tea. My mom immediately liked the place and it became part of our “mother-daughter” bonding routine.

The second time was by myself. I was looking for a quiet place to read my book and enjoy tea. And finally, I decided to drag my fiancé  for an “afternoon date”.

For Php 650 you get to taste your choice of tea, pastries, and sweets 🙂

Like Bizu, TWG offers “Tea Time” sets that is served from a specific time in the afternoon (3pm to 6pm only). My fiancé and I tried their Fortune Provence service that includes your choice of tea,  3 macarons, cake (i forgot the name…urgh.. *face palm*), and vegetarian sandwiches.

Red Velvet, Blueberry, and Matcha Macarons
My favorites: Red Velvet, Blueberry, and Matcha Macarons

IMG_0045        IMG_0044

For more information/details, you may visit their website or you may follow TWG Tea through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Any stores/places you can recommend? Feel free to give your comment! ♥


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