Sneak Peak: #DanAndAyie Prenup Details

If you think Wedding Preparations are all pink, fluffy, and perfect, then you’re wrong (Kidding! Lol 😛 ). Think of it as your first big project as soon to be Mr. and Mrs! It is exciting but at the same time, it will test your patience, your tear glands (lol 😛 ), and more importantly, your budget. Hence, couples should first decide what are the wedding details/essentials that they want to prioritise (it will help if you list down all details..Trust me.). For my fiancé and I, we decided to splurge (a little) on the prenup shoot. So for my fellow bride-to-be’s, here’s a little bit of an insight of what you should take into consideration when planning for a prenup shoot: 


When you say prenup shoot, it means taking into consideration the following:

  • Out of Town or Not? – Make sure that both of you decide if this is an out-of town shoot or not because of additional charges. But if you really have the budget, then go ahead and be adventurous!! 😛
  • Photographers and Videographers– These are the people who will capture those “keso” moments 😛 . Either you get a separate supplier for your photos and videos  or hire those who offer both services (sort of like 2-in-1 services). Really, it’s your call 🙂
  • Hair and Make-up Artists – Your best friend/s during these moments. Either you get a HMUA that offers services till your wedding day or get a different HMUA on your prenup and wedding day. Again, your call 😛
  • Location – I really don’t know if there are still locations that you can do photo/video shoot randomly. Make sure you arrange all necessary permits and fee/s prior doing your prenup shoot.
  • Prenup Stylist – For me, this is a “nice-to-have” prenup detail. Though, they make your life easier especially if you have complex or complicated “theme or concept” for your prenup.
  • Clothes and Props 

Fact: Prenup stylist/s can provide you set of clothes depending on the service package you availed. Also, they’ll be the ones who will make/bring props making the location more attractive and conducive for photo and video shoots. However, if you happen to choose a location that is already equipped or is already beautiful as it is, then there’s no need for props (just like what we did..)


Who are the suppliers? 

  1. Photos: Proud Rad and Videos: Motion Diaries

The photo and videographers were also the same suppliers on a friend’s wedding. We fell in love with their works immediately (we’re that simple to please 😛 ).

2. HMUA: Nanan Villalba (MUA) and George Delfin (Hair)

HMUA were trusted since my “Smart” days. Nanan was also the one who did my make-up during my graduation in Ateneo. On one hand, I was able to meet George (for the first time) during our prenup shoot. I like how both of them works because they were really professional and attentive to our needs.

3. Location: Restock

The location was convenient to visit (few blocks from my condo), it is air-conditioned (a MUST), and it reflects our personality (fun, coffee, calligraphy, etc.). More importantly, the location fee is inclusive of food. Hence, we didn’t have a problem during the entire shoot since everyone can order what they want. I believe, I have mentioned Restock before in my previous blog about calligraphy class.

4. Prenup Stylist : Jemi Nicdao

Prenup Stylist was actually a “gift” from one of our entourage – my fiancé’s friend/groomsman. We were not supposed to get one, however, one of my fiancé’s friend decided to give us a stylist as a “gift”. You know who you are 🙂

Sneak Peak of our Prenup Photos:



Save The Date! 

If video is not loading, please click here. 


So to all suppliers mentioned above, Thank You! See you all on our “BIG DAY”

Don’t worry, I’ll be releasing a separate blog soon regarding our other wedding prep details (e.g. invitation, event stylists, souvenirs, etc.)



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