Events Embassy Weddings & Debut Coordination : The #DanAndAyie Wedding Supplier Review Series Part 2

Wedding Coordinators are the people who are responsible in making sure your event will go smoothly without you worrying about anything. They make your life easier and stress-free.

So,  if you’re a soon-to-be bride or a soon-to-be debutante, this article is for you. 


We’ve been through a lot of weddings before and I tend to ask whether their coordinators did okay or not. In addition, we tend to observe how the coordinators work on the actual day of the event. I’m not expecting a perfect coordinator nor a perfect event but at least they should make the day worry-free for the couple. Thus, by the time we were planning our own wedding, we already have an idea on what we want/need from a wedding coordinator.

It’s like you’re the boss and you’re hiring for potential employees (lol 😁 ). So, here are our requirements prior hiring a coordinator:

  • Reputation – Again, I tend to look (stalk) at their social media sites as well as client feedback just to see if they can be trusted with our big day.

Aside from the client feedback, I also tend to look at how the team looked during the event. I’m not being overly vain but I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that I want my coordinators to look presentable and professional (with standard uniforms and all..). It makes you feel secure knowing that these people know what they are doing. It’s a formal event, thus, you have to conform to the attire requirement despite not being a guest. I swear, it’s a nightmare seeing a coordinator wearing a skull hoodie on a formal event such as a wedding 😒.

  • Rate and Services Offered –  The rate should be reasonable enough in relation with the services offered by the supplier. Currently, there are so many event coordinators out there that offer almost the same services but with different rates. Those who already managed events of some of the most prominent figures in the past tend to have the most expensive rates. While there are some who offer rates specifically for mid and low range events.

  Services offered:

a. Full Coordination – Coordinators will assist/help you from the beginning till the actual day of the wedding. This is recommended for couples who are too busy, who are still undecided on their suppliers, or who are based from another place to organise their wedding. The coordinators will be at your beck and call.

b. On-The-Day Coordination – Coordinators will start assisting you 1-2 months before the event until the actual day. Though, I believe that this actually varies from one supplier to another. Usually, this is advisable for couples who have already booked/reserved the suppliers they preferred.

  • Value Added Services – Some coordinators offer freebies such as additional manpower on the day, free church offerings, and others.


Events Embassy Weddings & Debut Coordination

February 22, 2015 was when we sealed the deal with Events Embassy on a spontaneous trip to SM Megamall’s Bridal Fair. I was not yet convinced before to get a coordinator that early and was thinking of getting it in the latter part of the year. Fortunately, we were able to personally meet Catherine Ebuen of Events Embassy. I was surprised because (unknowingly) we were already friends in Facebook.  It took only a few questions for me to finally say “yes”. I was satisfied because:

  • Reputation – Prior meeting Cathy at the Bridal Fair, I was already stalking their Facebook page and looking at their previous works. So far, their previous clients were saying positive feedback.

She informed us that her team consists of young professionals hence, everyone knows how to carry themselves and interact professionally with their clients. They all look pleasing in the eyes given their presentable uniforms (no skull-hoodies.. lol)

  • Rate and Inclusions – The rate is reasonable enough and within our budget range. Since, my hubby already booked our preferred suppliers, Cathy suggested for us to avail their On-The-Day service. One thing I like about their OTD service was that they will take over the preparations a month before the wedding (e.g. coordinate with the involved suppliers, production meeting, etc. )
  • Value Added Services – I guess, Dan and I were lucky to be offered freebies such as free church offerings, RSVP coordination, and additional manpower on the actual day Instead of 8, we got 9 people for a 250 pax wedding. Not bad right? 😊


A month before the wedding…

Some time around December, we had our first meeting with the team. Cathy introduced us to the Team Leader that will be assigned to us as well as the other two members of the team who will assist on the day. During this time, we felt that everything is almost complete. We were mistaken (Lol). Thank god for sending us Events Embassy to remind both of us what else we need to have/completed prior the actual day.

12278897_1129209907091805_6333819288497630705_nFew weeks before the actual day…

We had our final production meeting together with our Events Stylist (Scenta Creations Event Styling) to discuss final details of our wedding. It made me feel more secure knowing that everything will go smoothly on the day given that Dan and I provided them every information they need (e.g. list of payables, guest list, table arrangements, etc.).

Tip: Please make sure to provide accurately and completely whatever files (excel or word) they need.


A week before the wedding…

Cathy made sure that Dan and his groomsmen will have their “shining moment” by sending her 2 team members (Buki and Isay) to teach them (us) their dance number on our wedding day. It was fun and we were able to get to know these 2 talented people who will also be present on our wedding.


On the actual day… 

As I was saying from my previous article, 9 pro-looking people came to my suite in New World Hotel. Wearing their black uniforms, they look so sleek and formal but at the same time not overly dressed for the occasion – it was just right. Kelvin, their team leader, took over everything and I didn’t worry about anything since then.

It was also the first time I was introduced to my on-the-day assistant, Joni. (What an angel…❤️). I was so nervous but she effectively managed to calm my nerves. She attentively assists me to the point that she’s even lifting my wedding gown while doing my thing in the restroom (lol 😁). She was so dedicated and sincere with her job.

On the hand, my groom had Buknoy or Buki as his assistant. According to my hubby, Buki was cool, attentive, and effective in calming his nerves. Since we’ve met Buki during the first meeting and during the dance rehearshals, everything is, and I quote my groom, “Chill lang kami sa suite. Akala ko nga napalitan na ang groom” 😁.

Overall, Dan and I were completely satisfied and happy after the event. We didn’t expect to hear  that some of our guests were impressed with how the team managed the whole event (to the point that a couple of our soon-to-wed friends already got in touch with them).

With 5 as the highest and 1 as the lowest, I would give 5 over 5 for Events Embassy! 








To the whole Events Embassy Team: 

Thank you so much! Dan and I were so grateful to have met everyone of you. Our wedding was perfect because of your help. We’re looking forward to see more successful stories from your team.

See you around!  

P.S. Advance Happy Birthday Auntie Cathy! We love you! ❤️

To see our official wedding photos, click here: #DanAndAyie





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