Of Calligraphy, Invitations, and Monogram: The #DanAndAyie Wedding Supplier Review Series Part 3

When I saw how sophisticated and beautiful the effect of calligraphy on wedding invitations was, I decided to look for a suitable supplier that could accommodate our requests and needs. There are several calligraphers in the metro, but I only got my eyes locked on Ink Scribbler.

Calligraphy is the art of producing beautiful handwritten lettering using a pen, a nib, or a paint brush. I fell in love with it to the point that I even took Basic Calligraphy Class just to get the feel of doing something beautiful.

However, we were actually hesitant at first to  get a separate supplier for lay-out and another supplier for printing given our tight budget. It would be more costly for us and would (definitely) exceed our maximum budget that we set for the invitations. You see, we’re one of those couples who didn’t want to invest too much on wedding invites but we still wanted it to look pleasing to the eyes of the recipients. Most of our budget were allocated on what we thought were more important details (e.g. event styling, band, food, etc.). Hence, we decided to look for suppliers during bridal fairs who could at least provide us the same look with affordable package for both lay-out and printing. We were almost on the point of sealing the deal with another supplier when, fortunately, one of my hubby’s groomsmen volunteered to have our invitations printed as a form of a gift (You know who you are. Thank you! ❤️)


Ink Scribbler


There’s only one supplier who I got my eyes on in terms of invitation lay-out and that is Ink Scribbler. Immediately, I got in touch with them and requested for a meeting to discuss what we wanted for the lay-out. My husband and I personally met Alex and Monique of Ink Scribbler at Greenhills, San Juan.

There were 2 packages offered, but we decided to choose the Invitation Suite from the Collection plus Location Map for the rate of Php 7,500. At that time, we asked them if they also do printing, but we were told that they could have it printed by their partners.

It only took a month and our final lay-out was given. Since the lay-out is too detailed already, we told our friend that there’s no need for any fancy printing needed (e.g. embossed, gold/silver printing, etc.). We wanted our invitation to look simple yet elegant (I think) at the same time


FullSizeRender 29

The next challenge is writing the name addresses on the envelope. I almost hired another calligrapher for this, but it would mean additional cost again. I believe they charged Php 25 for each envelope. Thus, I took it upon myself to do the name addresses in modern-hand calligraphy. I did all 250 pcs. of invitations. Though it was really amateur-ish as compared to professional calligraphers, I had fun and hopefully, the recipients were able to feel the love and sincerity from each invite ❤️.




What I liked most from Ink Scribbler’s package is the monogram. The monogram is the sort-of label/brand that the couple can use for other printed materials such as thank you cards, menu cards, table number, etc. My hubby and I agree that it was the most “sulit” or worth it in the package.  Even our other suppliers such as our Event Stylist and Photo Booth Supplier were able to use the monogram to make our reception look beautiful. Plus, you can use it even after the wedding as your forever brand (have it made as a stamp).

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 1.08.48 PM

Our “Thank You” cards were handwritten by yours truly. At the same time, my cousin included our monogram and converted it into its digital version for easy printing. It was  placed inside the Patchi souvenirs given to our principal sponsors during our day.

FullSizeRender 28

My cousin also made the gif/video clip using our monogram with falling petals that kept playing in the LED Wall during the reception. It perfectly complimented our theme.

Look at the reception photos taken by most of our guests:


Overall, our Ink Scribbler wedding package was so worth it! The rate was reasonable given the use of its elements as well as the quality of their products. So to those who love calligraphy and still hunting for that supplier, you might as well check out Ink Scribbler website. 

Want to know more of our wedding details?  Click #DanAndAyie 

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