Bride House Philippines: The #DanAndAyie Wedding Supplier Review Series Part 4

I’m one of those brides who wants her entourage to look their best on our day. So, if you’re like me or if you’re still looking for potential bridal/entourage gown supplier, this one’s for you.

Usually, people always tells you not to invest too much on the entourage’s gowns because according to them, “they’re not really the center of attention on the wedding day”. I beg to disagree. I believe that if everyone looks pretty ,then the photos and the videos will turn out beautifully also (lol 😁). But, it’s really up to the couple what they want for their entourage. Currently, there are several options that the couple can choose from:

  1. Buying RTW dresses  – There are suppliers that offer both RTW Bridal gowns and entourage dresses at an affordable price/package. This saves you the hassle of searching for other suppliers, looking for ideal looks of gowns, and getting together your entourage (e.g. bridesmaids, flower girls, etc.) on a specific day or location.
  2. Resorting to Custom-Made Gowns – Instead of buying ready to wear dresses, the entourage’s gowns are all custom-made by the supplier. This is ideal for couples who already have pegs or idea on how they want their entourage to look like on their day. . The rate might be higher or lower depending on the supplier.
  3. Provide Fabrics According to Your Color Motif – This one’s the most practical since you’ll be buying only the fabrics in accordance to your color motif. You’ll be saving money and effort. On one hand, your entourage will have the freedom to choose their own atelier, their preferred design, and their own way to manage their time.

In my case, we resorted to providing our Ninangs with at least 3.5 to 4 yards of fabrics. While we provided our Ninongs with neckties that compliments the color of our Ninangs. These were distributed months prior the wedding with pre-invites that were personally made by yours truly.

On one hand, we had resorted to have the gowns of our mothers, our bridesmaids, and flower girls to be custom-made.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.14.49 PM


Bride House Philippines

During my hunt for my own wedding gown,I happened to meet Carmen Lazaro, owner of Bride House Philippines. “Tita Carmen”, as I call her, is also from Central Luzon – Bulacan to be exact. To those who are from Bulacan, especially from San Miguel,  you might be familiar with Vonticar Shop. Well, that’s Tita Carmen’s also. Hence, it was easier for my entourage from Nueva Ecija to visit their shop in Bulacan, while my entourage from Manila can visit their shop in Makati.


  • Location: It was fortunate that Tita Carmen’s shop was conveniently located few blocks away from our condo unit in Makati. Thus, we can drop by her shop anytime if needed. My entourage were able to visit at their preferred shops also (Makati or Bulacan shop).
  • Rate: I find Bride House Philippines’ rate affordable and within our set budget for the entourage. At that time, we were able to close the deal with rates from 5k to 8k each.
  • Service: Tita Carmen was so nice and accomodating to the point that my mom immediately took a liking to her. You’ll even think they were long-time friends. If there’s a need to discuss some important matters, we can actually easily reach them since they are attentive to their client’s calls or texts (even viber messages). They are also flexible in accommodating some of my special requests.

As for the gowns, at that time, I already had an idea what the gowns of my entourage will look like although I’m not familiar with the fabrics to be used. Tita Carmen patiently explained and showed to us the fabric swatches as well as design pegs. She was very helpful in choosing the right fabrics. She even extended her kindness by volunteering to buy the fabrics intended for our principal sponsors.

My only concern was the delivery of gowns. I got a little bit anxious since we got the gowns 3 days prior our wedding day (But probably, it was the nerves that was kicking in 😁). Nevertheless, I was happy and surprised with the outcome. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and details.

Thus, my final verdict, I’ll give Bride House Philippines a rate of 4/5. 



To see more of our wedding photos by Proud Rad, click #DanAndAyie ❤️

Bride House Philippines also offers RTW and custom-made bridal gowns that suits your every needs. It is located at 9247B Dita Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City. You can reach them at  (02) 513 3945 or follow them at Instagram and Facebook for more details. 

One thought on “Bride House Philippines: The #DanAndAyie Wedding Supplier Review Series Part 4

  1. Your attention to detail and keen respect for following the rules make you the best bride to possible handle your wedding. Thanks for your perseverance, time, and effort the outcome was great and such an inspiration would love to tell my story this way as well. Best!


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