Reminiscing Autumn in Japan and Other Random Thoughts

Today, I saw the photos of my cousin and his family enjoying the time of their lives in Tokyo, Japan (BTW, Happy Anniversary guys! Enjoy! We love you! ). I can’t help but smile at their photos and wished that I could go back again in Japan but this time, with my husband and son (of course, the grannies are welcome to come. lol).

After marriage and taking care of a baby combined with our budding business, travelling has been so limited as compared before. So, after almost 2 years, my mom invited to me to come with her in Japan. Of course, I was reluctant at first because I can’t leave my 10 month old baby. In the end, it was my husband who pushed me from going. My eve-supportive husband told me that the trip is a sort-of reward since getting pregnant and getting busy with our business. Also, it serves as a way for a mother-daughter bonding. Then I remembered that yeah, when was the last time my mom and I had our last bonding session?

Since it was my first time visiting Japan, I was excited. I visited several Asian countries already like Singapore, China, and Hong Kong but nothing can compare the giddiness I felt when I saw my approved Japan Visa.

Thoughts came to mind like, “would the Japanese Embassy give an extra-special treatment when my husband and son get their own Visas in the future?”. You see, my husband is half-Japanese but he grew up here in the Philippines. Hence, I now carry the last name “Honda”.  It was his (innermost) dream to visit his Father’s homeland. Probably, to find him or his ancestors or to introduce our son to his “grandfather”. I remember that before our marriage, we tried searching for his father. But it was so difficult to look since there were many Honda’s in Japan.  Nevertheless, I hope that in the future, my husband and our family will be given the chance to meet his own father and we could finally meet his other side of Japanese-family.

Anyways, here are some of the shots I’ve taken using my trusted Canon M3 camera. My husband gave this (2 years ago?) mirrorless camera when I started taking photos and updating my blog. Also, the advantage of this camera is that it is so lightweight as compared with the regular SLR camera. Hence, it is so easy to bring when you travel.

Though my favourite is Spring season,  Autumn provided my feeds with a more splash of orange, red, and brown. So take a look on some of my random shots of Fukuoka and Nagasaki, Japan in Autumn season: 


Thoughts? Share it here! Would love to hear anything that comes to your mind right now ❤️




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