Of Calligraphy, Invitations, and Monogram: The #DanAndAyie Wedding Supplier Review Series Part 3

When I saw how sophisticated and beautiful the effect of calligraphy on wedding invitations was, I decided to look for a suitable supplier that could accommodate our requests and needs. There are several calligraphers in the metro, but I only got my eyes locked on Ink Scribbler.

Events Embassy Weddings & Debut Coordination : The #DanAndAyie Wedding Supplier Review Series Part 2

Wedding Coordinators are the people who are responsible in making sure your event will go smoothly without you worrying about anything. They make your life easier and stress-free. So,  if you’re a soon-to-be bride or a soon-to-be debutante, this article is for you. 

A Bride-To-Be’s Guide To Getting Fit and Healthy

There’s no denying that my love for sweets (everything delicious) is unrivalled.  However, I make sure to stay fit and healthy especially now that I’m preparing for our wedding. Ten months ago, I remember being horrified and frustrated because my good-old  jeans/dresses  won’t fit anymore (apparently, they all shrunk in sizes! lol 😛 ). In addition, with … More A Bride-To-Be’s Guide To Getting Fit and Healthy

Learning Calligraphy 101

If it weren’t for the wedding, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash on calligraphy. Since young, I was always teased having an awful handwriting by friends. So I didn’t venture into artsy stuff. Yes, I believe that one must be artistic to be able to flourish in this field. (I think…)

Why Nostalgic?

This is actually my second attempt in blogging. I have been “MIA” for a year due to graduate school, thesis, and other stuff. Many things have happened and I wanted to make up for those times I have been “social media inactive”. So for starters, let me give you a brief summary of what transpired … More Why Nostalgic?